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Herbal Teething Oil


Numbing and Calming.

Herbally infused oil providing all-natural relief for teething children.

Effective for:

  • Immediate numbing
  • Lasting pain relief
  • Wholesome inflammation reduction
  • Non-toxic calming

This Teething Oil is infused with a number of herbs to cover everything the babies need when teething. One herb numbs quickly, one is slower acting but provides long lasting pain relief, one calms and soothes, one herb for taste so the babies love it, and lastly one herb to provide assimilable calcium right to the gums.

Babies need extra calcium to push the teeth through the gums. Lacking this causes fevers, inflammation, and greater pain as their body works to temporarily remove it from other places in the body. This teething oil contains organic calcium they can absorb right through the gums where they need it the most.

We worked long and hard to develop a safe, effective teething oil for babies, because we needed it for our babies! None of the products on the market checked all the boxes for us in the safety and effectiveness categories or worked with the baby's body, helping it do what it was naturally working to do. As certified herbalists we knew there were amazing tools in the beautiful world of herbs, and we wanted to put them together in the best way for our babies.

One reason we wanted something made completely from whole plants, was so that it was nutrition based rather than pharmaceutical. The body understands whole herbs the way it understands whole foods - it takes what it needs and eliminates what it does not need, which protects against toxic levels of any elements in the body. And because the body understands them, herbs are simply more effective.

You can apply the oil with your finger, by dipping a q-tip in the oil and rubbing it on the gums, or by putting a drop or two of the oil on a teething toy.

Net Wt. 1 ounce - over 100 applications in glass bottle

Ingredients - Organic Sunflower Seed Oil, Organic Willow Bark, Organic Chamomile, Organic Spearmint, Organic Horsetail Herb, Organic Clove Bud Oil, Vitamin E Oil

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